The Process of Making


Making is an activity of interpreting situations, objects, discourses, and experiences. This activity builds comprehension, fluency, engagement, and independence. It uses the tools of computers and the Internet to share ideas, collaborate, build prototypes, iterate, and improve. As such, it is an ideal activity for children who want to learn a new skill. However, it should be noted that children must first be capable of expressing their ideas clearly and creatively.

The process of making is not always easy, but it should be fun and flexible. For example, a student may start with a simple pencil and eraser. Then, they might work on a more complex project. Another student might make a slinky, or a bracelet. If he wants to create a 3D print, he or she could follow a step-by-step guide to creating a functional object. The process of making encourages students to ask questions and engage in rich learning experiences, which are difficult to measure on standardized tests.