The Importance of Making


Making is a process of producing something. It may involve several steps, but the end result is the same – the creation of something new. It can involve various types of learning, but a central aspect of this process is agency. It can also involve a sense of creativity. It can involve the use of a process to help the end product be better.

While formal K-12 education systems tend to focus on measurable knowledge and ability, making projects are more flexible, hands-on, and playful. They allow students to apply their newly acquired skills and ideas to the creation of something functional. The process also encourages students to ask questions, which leads to rich learning experiences that are hard to quantify in test scores.

Managers may be wary of involving their teams in decision making, and may feel that doing so will slow work down. However, involving team members will help the quality of decisions, as long as the right mix of people are present. An eight-week online management course will teach you how to effectively involve your team in decision making and other management skills. It will also help you to understand organizational learning and change management.