The Different Types of Love

There are many definitions of love, and each one is true to some extent. Some consider it to be a permanent feeling, while others see it as fleeting. Some believe it can be bought, sold, imprisoned, or legislated. Whatever the reason, it’s a universal phenomenon that is hard to define or quantify. Here are a few of the most common types of love: (1) a romantic relationship, (2) friendship, and (3) sexual passion.


The first form of love is infatuation. It’s a fleeting feeling that often occurs early in a relationship, and may not develop into a lasting love. Another type of love is passionate. It is marked by intense feelings, often including idealization of the other person, and the need for constant physical closeness. Compassionate love is characterized by trust, affection, and commitment. Unrequited love is a form of love that is a result of the person’s refusal to return the feelings.

Another type of love is storge. It involves passionate intimacy with an object or person. The two people share the same interests and tend to trust each other. It’s difficult to find a true mate in this type of love, but if both people are compatible, it can last a lifetime. The third form is erotic, and this is the most extreme. It involves intense physical contact and intimacy. However, it’s also the most common type of love, and is considered the most intense and rewarding.

A deeper form of love, or Agape, is another type. According to Greek mythology, Agape refers to the unconditional love of the gods. This type of love is an enduring feeling that doesn’t diminish because of an object’s actions. A parent’s unconditional love for a child is an example of Agape love. In a family, parents usually love their children – a relationship that has evolved over a long period of time.

Storge is more mature. This type of love emphasizes mutual interests and open affection. While the term is often associated with young lovers, erotic love can be a serious relationship based on sexual attraction. This type of love is also characterized by infidelity. While some people may be able to make it work, it’s not the best choice for everyone. But if you’re in love with someone who has a great sense of humor and has a beautiful soul, you’ll never regret it.

A deeper kind of love is a relationship in which a person feels intense affection for another person. In this type of love, physical attraction is the most important factor, and it can lead to sexual intercourse and lust. In contrast, a deeper, storge love is an emotional bond between two people. In this type of love, the two people are deeply attracted to each other, and a relationship is long-term. A storge-love relationship has the potential to be both passionate and asexual, and can be very fulfilling and rewarding.