Love Languages – The 5 Most Common Love Languages

If you are single and want to get back your ex-boyfriend, you must be feeling a variety of emotions. This is because every person interprets love differently. Love encompasses a wide spectrum of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the strongest personal virtue or ideal, the deepest personal happiness, to the easiest occasional enjoyment. However, love does not simply arise from one’s inner state of mind. Love needs a concrete reality that can be objectively assessed and measured.


The first love language is the physical touch. When you feel loved, you will experience a variety of physical sensations such as warmth, safety, intimacy, and safety. You might even think you are being over-loaded with love because you experience these feelings on a regular basis. It could be difficult, though, to separate the emotional aspect of these sensations from the fact that you are receiving physical signs of love. For instance, if your partner leaves a nice comment on your Facebook wall, you will feel a sense of “fulfillment” when you look at it. However, this “emotional” component of receiving love is absent from the actual physical act of touching.

Another love language is the sharing of time together. Most people, when they are in love, spend a great deal of time together. In fact, it is practically impossible to do the things that were done when you are not together. Therefore, you might wonder whether you are being too eager to spend time with your ex. You might ask yourself, “Are my intentions being met?” If you are asking yourself this question, it means that the other person is not feeling loved in the same way that you are.

The third love language is the “communication” love language. This is where you are able to receive love from a person by communicating with them. For instance, when you are having dinner with a person, it is easy to talk about the dishes or the movie selection. However, this can only be done if the other person feels as though you value them enough as a person to share the information with them. If the other person feels as though you are merely talking all of the time, they will likely not be as receptive to you when you do approach them with the idea of sharing time together.

The fourth love language is the “grounding” love language. This is where you are able to receive love from a person when they are grounded in the reality of the situation. This is often the most difficult kind of love language to learn because you must recognize that there will be little desire to make things “happen” if you cannot see the beauty of what is happening right now. When you are grounded in reality, you can be sure that you will be able to receive love without having to resort to manipulation. If you feel as though your partner is lessening your relationship with them because you are not controlling the situation or holding them responsible for your own needs, you should work on this love language.

The fifth love language is the expression of love through touch. You will find that when you are grounded in reality and when you have received the proper grounding for love from your partner, you will be able to receive love through touch. Touch is an important aspect of grounding love because when two people are together touching can help them connect with each other deeply. This connection can become the spark that starts a new life. However, if you have not been receiving love from your partner and you feel as though your love is fading away or you are starting to become disconnected from each other, you should work on expressing your love through touch.