Love Is A Choice – Emotional Affection


Love Is A Choice – Emotional Affection

Love encompasses an array of both positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the highest religious virtue or good sense, to the driest greatest personal joy, to the easiest basic pleasure. All of our responses to love are shaped by what we perceive to be love, what we imagine that love could be, and what we project for love to be. It is this very process that consumes our attitudes towards love, leaving us cold, greedy, angry, sad, fearful, lonely, or self-indulgent toward love. By contrast, those who respond to love with generosity, caring, truthfulness, gentleness, warmth, delight, and happiness experience love in all its aspects, manifesting itself as the kindest and most supportive friend, the friendliest companion, and the best lover.

True love means meeting one’s fullest potential through all of one’s senses. When you are in love, you get your full sensory experience every time you are with another person. There are no distractions: your eyes are on the person, your ears are on the person, your nose is on the person, your touch is on the person, and your spirit is in the person. What you feel when you are in love is the true love you are meant to feel.

True romantic love takes its shape in different ways for different people. For some people, being in love involves sharing physical closeness – cuddling, snuggling, kissing, holding hands, or having sex. Others prefer to have more solitary experiences, sharing time alone, talking, laughing, appreciating the other person, or feeling the caress of another person’s touch. No matter what form love takes in your life, however, it feels as good as any other – none more or less powerful than the other.

In romantic love, you are giving your total attention and focus to someone who is the primary object of your affection. This person is the focus of your affection and your entire being. All other things take a distant second place because they are less important than this person. Your thoughts are centered on them, your feelings are intense around them, and you trust them implicitly. Your feelings are so strong that you can even imagine living without them and without the other person – where there is no pain, there is no happiness.

When you share your intimate thoughts, feelings, and attractions with another person, you are building a special bond of connection and trust that will help you live together for a lifetime. It is a unique and powerful form of love that is built on the foundation of deep and unbreakable affection and respect for each other. When you share your affection and physical proximity, your body becomes magnetized by the magnetic energy of the other person. The more you experience this special form of attraction, the stronger and longer your feelings for one another become.

Healthy love means that you feel complete and whole inside. This includes the connection between your heart, your mind, and your body. You also begin to experience joy, peace, and contentment in your life – as well as being in alignment with the universal energy of life and the universe. You understand how love changes you. When you can stop taking your good for granted and begin taking responsibility for all of the love, beauty, strength, joy, and compassion in your life, you will find that you are more capable of loving others and yourself. The more you let yourself experience this amazing quality in your life, the more you will be able to give love and receive love from others.