How to Stay on Top of Trending Topics


Trending is a word that’s often used to describe something that’s becoming popular, catching people’s attention and resonating with them. It’s a term that can be applied to anything from fashion, pop culture or entertainment to the stock market and even politics.

There are many different types of trends, and each one reflects what’s going on in the world around you at that moment in time. For example, the current trend in the stock market is bullish or bearish, depending on economic indicators, or the latest political news.

If you want to keep track of trends, there are a few tools available that can help you do so. The first is Google Trends, which is a free online tool that lets you see what’s currently trending on the web. It also provides data on search volume, which can be useful for marketers and advertisers.

You can use Google Trends to research any topic, whether it’s a specific keyword or an entire industry. Just enter a search term into the top bar and Google Trends will provide details on how it’s trending in your region, over time and on other sites, such as web, news or shopping.

To get more fine-grained information, you can change the search criteria by changing your location, time frame, category or industry and type of search (web, news, shopping, YouTube). You can also find trending topics for a particular year through Google’s Year in Search archives, which list the most-searched terms from that year.

Another way to stay on top of trending is with an email subscription. Click the Envelope icon at the top-right of the Daily Search Trends tab to sign up for periodic emails about the biggest topics. You can also set up subscriptions for any term or topic you like, and specify the region and how often you’d like to receive notifications.

Twitter is also a great place to find trending topics, and it’s easy to track these trends in real time. If you’re a public relations or marketing professional, you can use a tool called Trendsmap to view how distinct areas view the same news and events online.

Once you’ve seen what’s trending on Twitter, you can create a campaign that targets users based on their geographic location. Tweets that are tailored to a certain area are more likely to be shared and liked, while others won’t make it as far as the main stream.

In addition to Twitter, you can use tools like Google Trends and Altmetrics to keep track of trending topics and searches. You can do so from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection, and the information can be used to inform your marketing strategies.

A trend is something that’s becoming more and more popular, catching people’s attention and appealing to them. It can be a hashtag, a phrase, a music track, a fashion item or a trending news story. Using this information can help you understand the trends in your niche, and can give you an edge when it comes to planning your marketing strategy.