How to Use Trending Topics in Your YouTube Videos

Trending topics are the hot-button issues on social media. They give users an idea of what’s being discussed and shared in their communities at any given time, and they are also a useful tool for marketers.

Twitter trends are determined by a combination of tweet volume and time, according to data scientist Gilad Lotan. It’s a process that can be tweaked, and it is a factor that has led to some manipulation of the system in the past. This was especially true in 2010 when the San Bernadino shootings were trending, with misspellings of the word “San” and a number of tweets referencing incorrectly “Bernardino.”

Google search trends are another good resource for marketers to use in their ad campaigns. They can give you a sense of what people are looking for when they are online, which is helpful when deciding where to spend your marketing budget.

YouTube’s trending videos are curated based on their popularity, but there isn’t much transparency about how the algorithms determine what is authoritative and what is not. In fact, there isn’t even any human oversight of the list.

There are a few things you can do to increase the chances that your video will be featured in a trending video section on YouTube. First, make sure you have quality content. In other words, your videos should be entertaining, funny, or educational. You should also be consistent and upload new videos frequently.

Second, be careful when creating videos that contain clips or images that might be offensive to others. It’s best to avoid using any controversial or sensitive material, especially if you’re aiming to attract a younger audience.

Third, make sure your video contains a call to action that you want to get people to take. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to entice people to see your business idea, include a link to your website or a specific offer in your video.

Fourth, consider your audience’s preferences when choosing which trends to focus on. If your audience likes to watch videos about a certain topic, for instance, you should focus on that topic. If they prefer a different subject, you might want to focus on a different video format or style.

Fifth, if you’re looking for ways to promote your brand on YouTube, be aware of the platform’s monetization policies. Some platforms charge money for views, which can have a significant impact on your ROI.

Finally, don’t forget that YouTube trends are updated every 15 minutes. With each update, your video might stay in the same place or drop down a few spots.

Lastly, if you’re an advertiser, it is important to remember that your campaign will probably be more expensive during trending periods. This means you’ll need to make up the difference by boosting your budget.

The most important thing is to make sure that your videos don’t have anything in them that might offend your audience or cause them to click away from your video. Then, you’ll be on the right track to increasing your reach and engagement.