How to Stay on Top of Trending Topics on Social Media

A trend is a word, event, topic, photo, video, catch-phrase or app that’s being discussed on social media. This could be something as simple as a new app or a popular movie, but it’s also about more serious matters like a political or social issue.

Twitter’s Trending lists are a great way to stay on top of topics that are currently being discussed and searched for. They’re also a helpful tool for anyone who works in journalism or content creation.

Google’s Trending categories evolve over time, reflecting changes in broader adoption of the internet and Google Search around the world. In the early days, the top trends tended to be tied to mainstream U.S. pop culture and tech trends, but this has changed with the rise of social media and smartphone adoption.

YouTube’s Trending page has been a target for criticism once again after another misleading, offensive video made its way to the top of the list. This video, which allegedly portrayed a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a crisis actor, has caused a public outcry and prompted YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to write a letter to creators promising they would be able to have more control over their videos being added to the Trending section.

Keeping up with trending hashtags is an important part of digital marketing and social media strategy. They can be used to drive traffic, boost sales, build awareness and increase engagement. However, it’s also essential to ensure your efforts are in line with your business goals.

Use a unique hashtag to get your brand in front of the right audience. This is especially true for Twitter, where a new hashtag tends to have more impact than an old one. Be sure to incorporate the hashtag in your call-to-action, and be strategic about timing.

Timing is a key factor in determining whether a hashtag will trend, so be sure to consider when you want to use it and where your audience is likely to be. Think about the timing of major landmark events, such as the State of the Union address or a presidential debate.

In addition, be sure to take advantage of built-in audiences on Twitter, such as those who attended a conference or webinar. This can help you bring in existing followers who are also on Twitter and provide a direct call-to-action for them to tweet your message.

Getting into trending isn’t as easy as it seems, but with some planning and a bit of creativity, you can get your brand on Twitter’s trending board in no time. Start by identifying your key audiences and the topics they’re interested in, and then find out what they’re discussing on Twitter by toggling “tailored to you” or using the “United States” option on the Trending preferences page.

Then, create a campaign that focuses on trending hashtags related to your industry and target audiences. Identify the best times to use your hashtags and work closely with your digital and social media team to craft a plan that will get your message out there, and in front of your audience.