The Four Types Of Selling

Making gold has been one of the most profitable ways for many to earn money and jewelers have recognized this by making gold bars and ingots that sell for major profits. However, making the precious metal in large amounts is also now possible online through online jewelers. This has greatly affected the sales of precious stones and metals since they can be easily procured. Jewelers today have a very wide range of choices when it comes to making their own gold which can then be sold either in local jewelry stores or online.


The Price of Gold = $13 / gram gold | final price | making | weight} o Weight in ounces: The weight of an ingot is the amount of weight that is contained in one tablespoon of metal. The weight of an ingot also determines the price per gram and hence the final price of an ingot. All these and many more factors add up to determine the final price of an ingot that can in many cases differ from local jewellers to international jewellers. This however, should not deter people from purchasing gold from wherever they can afford. In spite of the differences in prices, all in all, the quality of the jewelry remains the same regardless of where you purchase it.

o Dealers & Stores: Gold is mostly bought in shops and dealers or via online stores. Most buyers prefer to buy gold jewelleries from reputable jewelry stores since they are ensured of fair prices and genuine gold. Since gold is a precious metal that tends to lose its value over time, the more the buyer pays for his jewellery, the more his gold is worth at the final price. There are also many jewellers who do not allow direct dealing with buyers since the latter’s act of buying and selling of jewelleries violates their terms of business.

o Selling: If you have purchased gold jewelleries in the form of bullions or ingots, you are not required to make any kind of physical transaction. You are however required to pay taxes to the government which is based on the current price of the metal in US dollars. Hence the amount of tax that you are liable to pay will depend on the current price of gold per US dollar. Thus if the price of gold is $1000 at the time of making the purchase, you will be liable to pay taxation of at least half of that amount.

o Making Charges: Many jewellers that purchase gold jewelleries also make making charges. This is another way of making transactions without making any physical transaction. The making charge is also a percentage of the final price that you pay. The amount of making charges will differ according to the age of the jeweler and the quantity of gold that you buy or sell.