How to Stay on Top of Trending Topics on Social Media


Trending is a term used on social media to describe the most popular topics. Most platforms tailor their trending lists based on user search and following data. You can subscribe to any of these lists, so you can stay on top of what’s hot online.

The word trend comes from a Proto-Germanic word for turn or revolve. It’s also used to describe a fad. When you see a tweet, picture, or video that’s become popular, it’s a trend.

Twitter compiles its list of trending topics every day. Topics are based on a range of factors, including how many followers you have, where you live, and other users you follow.

Using a trending topic to advertise your online store is a great way to drive traffic. You’ll want to make sure your posts relate to the trending topic. This can be especially important if you’re trying to increase your brand’s exposure during a seasonal period.

Trending topics are often related to news events or popular cultural happenings. You may want to check out the Google Trends page for the latest in trending topics. Using this information can help you make cost-effective marketing decisions. Also, you can use this information to see what kinds of things people are searching for in your area.

Facebook and YouTube also feature trending content. Facebook’s trends are categorized in five different categories. Each category contains links to a page with public posts.

YouTube’s trending videos are a bit less predictable. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, videos on the site are not ranked in order of popularity. However, they do have a trending tab, which you can sign up for notifications on. Videos that trend are often the ones that show up in the most searches.

Another tool to watch is Buzzsumo. This website has long been a stalwart in identifying viral content. They recently launched a Q&A content discovery feature. In addition to that, they have expanded their scope to include a new video content discovery feature.

Among other things, the vidIQ research tool can show you the best keyword searches and which keywords are generating the most traffic. Designed to be used on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, the tool lets you monitor and track keywords. It even tells you when your trending topics reach 500 views per hour.

While not necessarily as comprehensive as a full-fledged trending topic list, the vidIQ research tool provides a plethora of useful data to help you navigate your marketing efforts. Whether you’re researching a trending topic, tracking a campaign, or gauging your ROI, the vidIQ research tool can show the data you need.

Although the vidIQ research tool can help you figure out which keywords are generating the most interest, it can’t tell you how to implement those keywords into your marketing plans. To use this tool, you’ll need a free extension for your browser. After that, you can start to build your own data sets. With that information, you’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions about your next campaign.