How to Capitalise on Trending Marketing


Trending is a term used in marketing to indicate what is popular and what is not. The word is related to the noun “trend” and the verb “to turn.” It’s used in reference to an event, topic, photo, or video. A person or business can capitalize on the popularity of a trend by posting content on a specific topic. This may include a blog post, a YouTube video, or a Facebook post. But it’s important to make sure the post relates to the topic. Otherwise, it could cause unintended consequences, such as confusion or damage to your credibility.

Using a specialized tool is an easy way to track the popularity of a particular topic. For example, Buzzsumo, a popular research platform for viral content, now offers collaboration options. With this service, users can share a keyword and receive real-time notifications when that term hits 500 views per hour. This can be an invaluable tool for any type of channel. If you’re a business, you might want to monitor the popularity of hashtags, which are a great way to keep up with breaking news and trending conversations.

Twitter is another place to keep tabs on trending topics. The site compiles lists of what’s hot on the social networking platform. In addition to a weekly list, you can subscribe to a topic and receive notifications every time a new post is published. You can also change the location on your Twitter account to view trends that are centered on your city, country, or region.

Google is another popular search engine, and its Trends tool is a great resource to discover what people are searching for. You can find this information on the homepage, where you can select Starter Examples of Topics or check the top trending categories. You can also sign up for notifications about hot topics by clicking the Trending Searches tab.

When you’re looking to capitalise on trending topics, you need to remember to avoid any potential pitfalls. For example, a company that is trying to capitalise on an Instagram trend might need to take some extra time to edit the photos to match the audio beat. But if you use the audio for a story or an announcement, it can be a powerful way to get your message across. You can even add a slow zoom effect to set the scene.

YouTube is a popular social media platform. In fact, when it launched, it had 100 million registered users. Now it is 1.2 billion. It’s followed by Facebook and WhatsApp web. Each of these platforms features trending topics that are divided into five categories.

In the past two years, soccer has made the top five trending lists. This is likely because international sports have become more popular as the years have passed. Cricket is also on the list, but it appears to be trending more in recent months.

In recent years, the rise of smartphones has increased the volume of searches, making them more granular. For example, Hurricane Katrina ranked second in the most searched category in 2005. However, natural disasters have shown up in eight of the last 20 years.