Getting the Most From Trending Topics and News Feeds


Getting the Most From Trending Topics and News Feeds

On Twitter, a post, term, or even topic which is being talked about in a more prominent way than others is said to be on a ” trending topic “. Trending topics also become popular because of some happening event or maybe just due to individuals user’s conscious effort to talk about a particular subject. To know what a trending topic is and how to effectively promote your business on Twitter you have to know what constitutes a trending topic and how you can capitalize on it. In simple terms, a trending topic is a topic which is being talked about frequently with a large number of people. The topic is popular enough, that an interest is being developed around the topic, enough people are participating in the conversation to make it interesting for everybody.

As we all know trends are always changing and coming days are not set in stone. With this being the case, it is very important for business owners and entrepreneurs to stay on their toes and constantly be aware of the social media influence which is being felt by their respective audiences. Trending subjects on Twitter are usually seen as very dynamic and spontaneous. It is a good platform for brands to develop a strong online presence and online identity, it gives them an opportunity to make their brands seem more approachable and credible to the audience which they are aiming to reach.

There are two basic types of trending topics on Twitter: trending topics based on Google Trends and trending topics based on external search engines like Technorati and Yahoo! Search. Google Trends is considered the most reliable way of getting information on the recent topics of the world of online business and when using Google Trends, you have to put in quotation marks to indicate a particular search term or phrase. This will result in a list of keywords which are of interest for people who use Google Trends and you will see the most occurring trends in the list. Using Google Trends can give you very valuable information as to what people are searching for so as to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

The other trending topic which you may want to pay attention to is the Google news feed. The Google news feed is also known as Google Alerts. Google news feed allows you to track the hottest topics on the internet through the Google news feed based on the content and topics of interest for you. For example, if you are into stock trading and you want to keep track of the hottest stocks then you can use the news feed to find these stocks through Google Alerts and once you have found the stocks you can then track their performance with the Google trend dashboard.

Now that you have the two basic sources of trending topics, the next step is to utilize them in a strategic manner to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. If you are one of those businessmen who don’t pay much attention to the trends but rather focus on the fundamentals and the business development aspects then you have to change your approach and take note of the most popular trending topics in the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These two sites have the largest community of internet users and the possibility of finding relevant information in a matter of seconds is higher in case of Facebook and Twitter than in any other site. This means that if you are an active Facebook or Twitter user then there is a high probability that you will come across some relevant information relating to the business niche you are into.

However, with social media it is important to remember that most of the people who create the trending topics often do not have an intention of turning this into a marketing strategy. Thus, while you can get a lot of information from these topics it is always better to make your own contributions to these topics to gain more exposure. Remember that the key here is to stay active and be well established so that you will have better chances at making it big in the online industry.