What is Trending on Social Media?


A trend is the general direction into which something is changing or developing. Trends can be a fashion or fad such as face tattoos, goat yoga, or “dad sneakers”; they can also be a social media phenomenon such as a meme, viral video, or catchphrase.

Trending on social media refers to keywords, hashtags, or topics that are getting a lot of attention and engagement. Social media platforms, such as Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, compile these trends daily in their Explore or Trending areas. In addition, there are dedicated trending tools such as Tagboard that show what is popular across several networks.

In social media, a topic can become trending when it receives a high number of searches and mentions in a short period of time. Trending topics are often displayed prominently and are a great way for brands, influencers, or individuals to increase visibility. They can also be used to raise awareness about important events or issues and generate discussions and engagement.

While many factors determine what becomes a trend, relevance and virility are the main drivers. A trending topic is one that is relevant to current events, news stories, or pop culture. This means that the topic is generating interest because it is being discussed in real-time by people on the platform. If a topic is virulent, it may be spreading quickly through word of mouth, which can lead to a sudden spike in popularity and a trending status.

It is also important to keep in mind that a topic can only be trending for a brief amount of time. Once a topic’s momentum has peaked, it will fall out of the trends section and will only be searched for at a much lower rate. This is why it is important for businesses to carefully evaluate the potential of a trend and ensure that their content aligns with it.

When considering using a trending topic in your marketing, it is best to find a niche and focus on creating unique content around that topic. It is not always easy to make a hashtag or trending topic your own, especially when there are so many other influencers with large followings who can jump on the bandwagon faster than you. To avoid this, create a specific call-to-action with your campaign and use a hashtag that is unique to you.

It is also important to remember that it is easy to abuse a trending topic. Twitter has strict rules against adding unrelated keywords to your posts, and in extreme cases, this can lead to account suspension. It is also best to avoid controversial subjects when using trending topics in your marketing, as this can draw ire from the community and damage your credibility. For example, it is not a good idea to promote gun rights if you are advocating for abortion rights. Lastly, it is best to avoid controversial topics during major events such as political rallies and sporting games. The last thing you want is to distract from the event or draw unwanted attention to your business.