What is Trending on Social Media?


Trending is a social media function that shows what people are talking about in real time. It can be used by journalists to find potential story ideas and by marketers to monitor how search terms related to their business are doing.

Twitter uses an algorithm to determine trends that are most relevant to users. These are based on the hashtags a user follows and their location, along with other factors. However, these can be tailored for each individual based on the topics they’re most interested in.

A trending topic is an item that has been retweeted, replied to or shared by other users more than others within a specific period of time. This allows a specific event to gain popularity among users, which may lead to more people talking about the same thing over time.

If a Twitter user sees a trend that they don’t like, it’s a good idea to change their settings to show them only things that interest them. Changing these settings will help the person avoid seeing spam or unwanted content.

Facebook has a similar feature to Twitter’s, but the difference is that their trending topics are divided into categories such as All News, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment and Politics. Clicking one of these categories will take you to a page with related posts.

YouTube has a Trending tab that shows what videos are being watched in different countries and regions. But critics have argued that the section is being manipulated by the company to boost its advertising revenue, and it has been under fire for trending misleading and offensive videos in recent weeks. The most recent controversy involved a video claiming that a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student was a crisis actor during the Florida school shooting last week.

Executives at YouTube said the company is very careful about what appears on Trending, and that videos should not contain profanity or mature content. In a letter to creators, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki promised that 50 percent of the section would be made up of content from its creators going forward.

Unlike Twitter, YouTube doesn’t have an employee who curates its Trending section. It relies on algorithms to determine what videos are deemed relevant. And because the Trending tab is available in so many countries and regions, it can be difficult for a human to keep an eye on what’s being watched.

When it comes to Twitter, the best way to get a hashtag trending is to consistently tweet it. It’s not a surefire method, but it can be effective in promoting your brand or company.

If you’re trying to trend, it’s important to choose a hashtag that has a unique meaning or isn’t already in use. New hashtags can be easier to trend than old ones, since there’s no previous history to draw on, which makes it more likely to generate a spike in volume.

In the immediate aftermath of a tragedy, posting about it can be a good way to show empathy and concern for the victims. But it’s important to keep the tone of the post compassionate and respectful rather than sarcastically branded.