What is Trending on Social Media?

Trending is a term used on social media to describe the topics that are gaining popularity at a particular moment. The trending topics appear on the sidebar or explore tab of social media sites and can be searched for individually. Being a trending topic can be beneficial to social media users, influencers and brands. It increases visibility and community, can boost a brand’s presence on search engines and allows for increased engagement. Despite these benefits, becoming a trending topic can be difficult. Trends are determined by algorithms that take into account the current popular searches and discussions on a platform, analyzing user activity and interactions to determine what the general public is interested in. These algorithms can also be influenced by a number of other factors such as the current time, location and what users have previously liked or searched for.

A common misconception is that trends are similar to viral content, but the two are actually quite different. Viral content spreads rapidly from person to person and is often temporary, while trends reflect a popular interest that is more long-lasting. For example, a fashion trend like Art Deco might have been considered a viral trend in its day because it was so popular among the people of its time but it would not be considered a viral trend today because it is no longer relevant to the masses.

Twitter’s trends are determined by a combination of factors including location, previous searches and who the user follows. These algorithms may be prone to mistakes and inaccurate results, for example misspellings of important topics can cause a topic to trend when it should not. Trends are also subject to the fluctuation of traffic to Twitter, affecting how long they remain on the trending list and how widely the topic is discussed.

Being a trending topic can be advantageous to influencers, as it can increase their reach and exposure. It can also be used to promote an event, product or campaign. Trends can be manipulated by using unique hashtags or posting at a strategic time, such as when the president is giving a speech or a celebrity is making an appearance. Influencers and celebrities have a significant impact on what trends because they can use their large following to push topics that might otherwise not be popular.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have their own ways of displaying trends. On Twitter, trends are displayed in a sidebar on the left of the home page or within an explore tab. Users can also change their location on the site to see what trends are popular in a specific area.

Being a trending topic can be a huge benefit for YouTube creators, as it promotes their channel, boosts the community and encourages more interaction. However, it’s not without its challenges, especially for channels that focus on news or political commentary. For example, a news channel with tens of thousands of subscribers may find it difficult to make the trending list, while an individual who uploads videos about a political issue could easily hit the list.