Using Trending Topics to Increase Targeted Website Traffic and Business Exposure Online

Twitter takes its users through a process of identifying trending topics and then disseminating timely news regarding them. More specifically, users are encouraged to “tweet” (or tweet) anything they feel like sharing with the millions of followers Twitter has. When users find something interesting, they will tweet it along with a link to their findings. This form of social interaction has proved to be extremely useful for businesses and has given rise to the term “tweeting culture.”


On Twitter, a single keyword, phrase, or even topic that’s being talked about more than the others is said to be on a trending topic. Trending topics also get popular overnight either due to an event which prompts folks to discuss a certain topic or due to people sharing their findings on the internet. There are hashtags as well, which allow users to classify any and all links and posts using tags which are related to the topic at hand. The main difference between these two types of trending topics is that there’s no real-time data available regarding these things because they are kept in a blog-type format and only updated when a significant amount of people tweet about the topic. hashtags, however, do provide information that may be found through a Google search.

Tagging topics is one way Twitter users identify trends. The other way is through Google Trends, which has the same basic criteria. When you tag a topic, you are encouraging people to search for that topic on the web. The question is how do you determine if a topic is really trending. Here are some tips that may help you identify trending topics on Twitter.

Google Trends is one tool you can use to locate trending topics on Twitter. This website keeps track of mentions made across the web throughout the day on various topics related to whatever keyword you enter. You can find trending keywords and phrases by looking at the trending keyword phrases on Google Trends. If you see a particularly interesting keyword phrase being used repeatedly, but not necessarily by a large amount, then it may be time to consider looking into that topic on Twitter.

A tool that can show you the real-time tweets about your chosen trending topic is retrievable using the Google trending search engine. This tool is not quite as reliable as the Google Trends tool since the Google Trends service only updates in real-time, while trending searches update in the past 24 hours. As such, it can be easy to get out of the trending loop, especially if you are new to the internet. The Google trending search engine allows you to search specifically for tweets regarding your chosen trending topic. You can also use the Google trending searches to find out if a particular brand or celebrity has been discussed relating to your chosen topic as well.

In conclusion, you should look into how you can use trending topics to increase your targeted website traffic and business exposure online. The best way to make the most of trending topics is to utilize the various trending topics along with hashtags. By doing this, you can become involved in conversations with other users about these hot topics, which will lead to higher visibility on the search engines. If you are not sure what hashtags are, they are used to identify trending topics on social media sites. Popular hashtags at time of this article include #Googleandontouch, #wicube, and #babybumper. Use these hashtags to increase visibility for your website and make more money online.