Understanding Trends in Social Media


Whether you’re a blogger or a social media marketer, understanding trends can be a huge advantage for your online marketing efforts. Trending is an algorithm that determines which topics are most popular on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Trending is determined by analyzing the number of searches and mentions a topic receives in relation to its overall volume.

Typically, trending topics are a combination of public and in-network conversations that are growing in popularity. These topics are then ranked based on the number of discussions that are taking place, with more popular topics receiving higher rankings. The algorithm also takes into account the number of people discussing a topic, as well as whether or not those comments are positive or negative.

While there are many factors that go into determining what trend, it is possible to manipulate the system to your benefit. For example, if you are a political activist or a celebrity, then you can get a topic to trend by simply getting other people to discuss it. This can lead to the topic receiving a large number of likes and retweets which will cause it to appear at the top of the list.

However, it is also possible to manipulate trends in a more subtle way. For example, if a group of Twitter users are all tweeting about something at the same time, this can cause the topic to appear in trending lists, although it is unlikely that the trend will remain in the top five for more than a short period of time.

In fact, even if a trend remains in the top five for a long period of time, it may not stay there because it can be removed from the list once the discussion has died down. This can be because of a number of factors, including the fact that the topic is not relevant to the majority of users or that it has been manipulated by a particular group of people.

Another thing that can affect the appearance of a trend is its timing. Stephen analysed trending videos on YouTube, and he found that the same video could have different results in different countries because of the difference in cultures, time zones and languages. He also noticed that some channels had a much greater chance of appearing in the Trending section than others. This is because the company is very careful about what it includes in the Trending tab to avoid offending its advertisers.

For this reason, you should try to use a unique hashtag if you want your content to appear in the trending section. Also, it may help to use a new hashtag that has not been used before because newer tags are quicker to achieve a spike in popularity than older ones. Finally, think about the timing of your trend, and try to avoid using it when there are other major landmark events happening that could distract from its success.