Types of Love

The word “love” refers to various kinds of emotional attachments, all of which involve the act of feeling affection and love. Despite the diverse nature of this emotion, it has biological and evolutionary roots. Neurophysiological studies of romantic love show increased activity in brain regions related to pleasure and reward. In addition, these brain regions are also activated during an encounter with someone in passionate love. As a result, people who experience passionate love are more likely to exhibit the same behavior patterns as those who have experienced addiction to cocaine.


There are two types of love: erotic love and storge love. Erotic romance focuses on physical attraction, engaging in sex, and intense intimacy. Often, advocates of this style of love are unlikely to commit and are prone to break up after a few dates. Storage, on the other hand, focuses on similarities in interests, open affection, and lack of neediness. Both types of love require commitment and emotional stability, so erotic romances are more likely to end in divorce or breakup.

While some types of love are sexual, most people can accept a brotherly relationship and storge relationships do not require a partner to be physically attractive. These forms of love are considered less mature, but are often characterized by emotional distance. Both parties can end the relationship at any time. In contrast, erotic lovers are unlikely to commit and often feel comfortable ending a relationship. The storge type of love is much more mature. It places emphasis on similar interests, open affection, and less emphasis on physical attraction. Many storge-lovers are extremely trusting and do not require a partner to be aesthetically pleasing.

There are two primary types of love. One is erotic, whereas the other is more mature. The erotic form, also known as storge, is based on a physical attraction. It involves intense intimacy and is often defined by a person’s willingness to engage in sex with another person. It is rare for erotic lovers to commit, and those who seek erotic relationships are more likely to feel comfortable ending them.

The storge type of love is more mature than erotic. It is defined by its unconditional nature and is akin to the love of the gods. A person who is in love with a parent feels agape love, and the mother loves her child unconditionally. This is an example of the storge type of love, which is a kind of erotic love. However, this type of love is not considered to be a mature form of love.

The erotic form of love is the most common type of love. It is a type of love that is focused on intense physical attraction and sex. In addition, it often involves a lot of game-playing. While erotic lovers are unable to commit, they usually feel comfortable ending the relationship. The storge kind of loving is more mature, and focuses on mutual interests and open affection. This type of love is usually more mature than erotic, and is the preferred type of affection.