Top 100 Trending Topics on YouTube


Using trending topics on YouTube helps viewers find videos that are interesting. Trending topics are phrases or words preceded by a hashtag. Trending topics can also be linked to a major news issue. Trending topics are generated using a proprietary algorithm. Trending topics can also be personalized by the people that you follow. The list of the top 100 trending topics was generated using this algorithm. Trending topics are expected to grow in popularity through 2023. Some trends are predictable while others are a little surprising. Trends are often accompanied by text overlays that explain different periods of time and/or show different aspects of the personality.

The Glitchy Montage Trend is a trend that features videos with a glitch effect. Some videos also use text overlays to create funny situations. This trend has a lot of similarities to the “Ew, That’s So Cringe” trend. In this trend, the first person says something in regular English and the second person rephrases the statement into Gen Z slang. The video is usually accompanied by a funny text overlay that describes the situation. The video also transitions into another look when the slow version of the song starts playing. This trend also includes lip syncing.

The I Could’ve Said That trend contrasts two different ways to say something. It can include text overlays and mashups of different photos and clips. The trend is also accompanied by a text overlay that describes the situation in comical detail. The trend also uses brain emoji. This trend is added August 13, 2022.