The Study of Love

The study of love is an emerging field of study. This is not surprising since the subject has been around for a long time, as an emotion and a state of being. The concept of love is also an ability, gift, and a force. According to the 12th-century Merriam-Webster dictionary, there is only one word for love in the English language, although there are several other words that imply or indicate love. Because of this, it is impossible to define what love is or how it affects a person.


There are several kinds of love. Some of them are erotic (focused on physical attraction) and familial (intimate), while others focus on phileosophy or religious beliefs. In some societies, the definition of love is contested; many people disagree about whether it is sexual, familial, or brotherly. In general, however, there are some fundamental differences between these types of love. The most common types of erotic and storge love are considered childlike.

In the Greek language, the word love is called agape, after the gods. This is a form of unconditional love that is never conditioned by circumstances and is found in all things. In other cultures, agape love is expressed by parents and is described as the greatest love in the world. These relationships are typically intense, but are not sexual. It is often the case that a parent loves their child with an arousal that is not based on physical attractiveness.

The Greeks characterized agape love as the ‘love of the gods.’ Agape love is a form of unconditional love that never comes to an end despite one’s actions. It is also the most common type of love. In fact, most parents’ love their children with an agape bond, as they treat their children like the gods do. So, the definition of agape is very similar to a parent’s unconditional love.

There are various types of love. Intense, passionate, and erotic love are the most extreme forms. These types of relationships are based on physical attraction. In erotic, a person’s partner is attracted to him by the physical beauty of the other. Despite the ambiguous nature of agape love, it can still be the result of a relationship that was born of passion. A lover has two motives, and one of those is to enjoy the company of the other.

Love is a complex concept. While there are many kinds of love, there is no one perfect type of love. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a way to define what love is for you. The following are the three types of love: erotic, platonic, and erotic. In a nutshell, erotic love is a romantic relationship that is characterized by intense physical attraction. Regardless of the type of relationship, there is no right or wrong way to define love.