The Importance of Making


The concept of making is gaining popularity. It is a way to share ideas, create prototypes and create products. There are many different ways to make, such as using design software and using computers. Using computers has also greatly reduced the barriers to making. Making can be collaborative and can be done quickly and easily, thanks to the internet. But what exactly is making? This article will explore a few common ways that people make and share products. And if you want to learn more about the importance of making, read on!

Unlike traditional classroom teaching, maker projects offer an endless amount of possibilities. While formal K-12 education systems are designed around standardized knowledge and abilities, making projects are playful, open-ended, and experimental. They give students the freedom to explore and apply their newfound skills. The end result may even be a functional invention. A student’s curiosity and questions are stimulated by the making process, resulting in rich learning experiences that cannot be measured with tests. These learning experiences are essential for students to have in real life.