The Importance of Making


The act of creating, producing, or constructing something. This can include making art, music, crafts, and building things. It can also be the process of inventing or designing.

The word making has numerous synonyms including crafting, producing, assembling, constructing, composing, and inventing. It can also refer to the creative act of putting together raw materials and components into a finished product, artwork, or solution.

In the context of learning, making is a highly engaging activity that helps students develop deeper knowledge and skills compared to traditional methods such as reading and listening to lectures. When students engage in making, they are encouraged to explore the subject in their own way and ask their own questions – essential to the learning process. Making promotes rich experiences that can be difficult to measure on tests, but are essential for lifelong learning.

Whether you are sewing, knitting, or painting, the process of creation and being in ‘flow’ is good for your health. This is because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets down the ’fight or flight’ response and relaxes us. It also increases dopamine levels, the feel-good chemical that boosts self-esteem and happiness.

Crafting can also be a social activity, as it encourages people to work with each other and to share ideas and techniques. This can be a great way to meet new friends and build a sense of community and belonging. The act of making can also be a coping strategy for some people, particularly when it is related to grief or loss. This is because creating artwork or crafts can be a way to express and work through the difficult emotions associated with these situations.

The best part is that making doesn’t have to be expensive or involve purchasing materials. In fact, many of the most creative projects can be made using items that we already have around the home. For example, a quick search online will yield plenty of DIY ideas for making a necklace from a recycled plastic bottle or a paper flower wreath from old book pages. The list is endless! We’ve even created a category page dedicated to things you can make from your own craft scraps or recyclables. Simply click on the material you want to find some ideas for projects! You could even try your hand at creating a piece of art from the tiniest piece of straw – you never know what unexpected inspiration might await you.