The Four Types of Love

Throughout history, humans have pondered the nature of love and its origins. According to Hindu tradition, there are three types of love: sexual, romantic, and religious. Each of these types has a unique definition, but modern philosophers often blur the lines between them. In this article, we’ll discuss the definitions of these three forms of love. If you’re trying to decide which one to choose, consider the following. For a more elaborative definition, please refer to the book I’m writing on this subject.


Erotic love is characterized by physical attraction, intense intimacy, and game-playing. Erotic lovers are unlikely to commit and usually feel free to end relationships at any time. Storge love is a more mature form of love, where the two people are attracted to each other for different reasons, and they do not rely on physical attractiveness to develop an emotional attachment. This type of love is not dependent and is not based on neediness.

Serious and emotional love differ from one another in several ways. Passionate love focuses on the physical attraction between the two people. The two people share intense intimacy, but do not make any commitments. The lovers feel comfortable ending relationships and do not want to be tied down to one another. On the other hand, companionate love is based on friendship and mutual affection, and does not involve emotional arousal. This kind of love is usually more serious and lasts for a long time.

Erotic love is characterized by an intense intensity of physical intimacy and a tendency to play games. These relationships are not long-term and are typically ended with a fling if they don’t work out. On the other hand, storge love is considered a more mature type of love. It emphasizes the similar interests of the two people, an open affection, and less emphasis on physical attractiveness. Those who practice storge love tend to be trusting and don’t need others to maintain a relationship.

The four types of love are often mutual and are often classified as erotic and non-erotic. These two kinds of love may be complementary, or they may be very different. A person may be prone to either one or both types, but this doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily incompatible. The two types of love are very different and can be difficult to define. A lover may have many lovers, but they can be ambivalent or possessive.

Storge love is more mature than erotic love. Both types of love are based on a mutual sense of self. It is more focused on physical attraction, and the two individuals share an intense and loving relationship. In erotic love, the lovers’ character change in the same way as the lover. They are very different from each other, which is why it’s important to be honest in your relationships. You should also make sure you trust your partner. If you’re not ready to give the same to them, don’t worry, it’s not a good sign.