The Different Types of Love

Love is a powerful and universal emotion. It cannot be purchased, sold, stolen, incarcerated, or legislated. It is not a substance, commodity, or power source. It does not have a mass or energy output and does not have a specific price or value. It does not have any boundaries or special conditions. Despite these restrictions, love has no substitute in the world. In fact, love can be as valuable as gold.


There are several types of love. Erotic love is one that focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy. In this form, the relationship is often characterized by emotional distance and game-playing. Erotic lovers are unlikely to commit and are often content to break up and move on. Storge love is more mature, and emphasizes common interests and open affection. It also does not place a premium on physical attractiveness. People who have this type of love tend to be trusting and do not rely on other people for their own needs.

Erotic love is focused on physical attraction, intense intimacy, and game-playing. Advocates of this form of love do not commit to long-term relationships, and can even feel comfortable ending a relationship. Storge love is considered to be the most mature form of love. It focuses on similar interests and open affection and is less likely to be characterized by physical attractiveness. Those in storge love relationships are generally more mature, trusting, and not dependent on others.

Erotic love is characterized by strong attachment and affection towards a partner. The relationship is characterized by intense physical intimacy, and is typically unrequited. The partner may not be committed to the relationship, and they may feel free to end it at any time. In contrast, storge love is seen as a more mature form of love. It is based on similar interests, open affection, and a lack of physical attractiveness. It is also marked by trust and self-sacrificiency, and is a sign of maturity.

The four types of love are erotic, storge, and storge love. Both types are based on physical attraction and sexual intimacy. Some advocates of erotic love feel comfortable with relationships involving both of these types of love. A storge lover is not likely to commit, and does not feel the need to rely on the other person. Although there are no universal definitions of love, they are still the most common.

Interpersonal love is a strong emotional attachment between two people. It is deeper than simple liking for another person. During this stage of a relationship, erotic love may be mutually beneficial. In fact, infatuation can lead to lasting love. Various types of love can be harmful to a relationship. While some people experience a deep connection with a partner, others may feel a deeper connection than their partners. The feelings are mutual and can be difficult to control and manage, but in the end, they can be rewarding.