The Differences Between Erotic and Storge Love

A number of theories have been developed regarding love. Biological models often view love as a mammalian drive, while psychological explanations focus on its social and psychological dimensions. Although many of these theories overlap, most include central ideas from each. In addition, the categories used to classify love may be overly pigeonholed. Most accounts of the nature of human love are quasi-reductionist, describing it as a combination of concepts like attachment, affection, and evaluation.


Erotic love involves intense intimacy and physical attraction. This type of love is uncommitted and advocates often feel comfortable ending relationships. In contrast, storge love is considered more mature and emphasizes shared interests, open affection, and less emphasis on physical attractiveness. It is characterized by trust, openness, and independence, and is a mature and lasting form of love. This kind of relationship is often more stable and long-lasting. There are many differences between erotic and storge forms of love.

Erotic love is a very short-term relationship that focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy. Advocates of this style often do not commit, and feel comfortable ending their relationships. Storage love is considered a more mature form of love, and often focuses on sharing similar interests, open affection, and trust. The ideal partner for a storge lover would be trustworthy, independent, and not overly needy. If you have feelings of adoration and affection, it is time to pursue a relationship.

A deeper form of love is the storge kind. People who practice storge love place less emphasis on physical attractiveness, but rather on common interests, and are more open to each other. However, they are not dependent on others. The ideal type of relationship is a relationship based on mutual respect and support. A couple who practices storge love will often be emotionally and physically compatible with one another. The most important aspect of a storge relationship is mutual trust.

An erotic love is one that is based solely on physical attraction. It involves intense intimacy with little or no emotional commitment. A person who practices erotic love is most likely to be insecure and not commit. Therefore, a storge lover is more likely to be trusting. This type of relationship is based on a mutual appreciation and interest. The storge lovers are not dependent on their partners. If a partner has feelings for a storge lover, then it’s best to be open-minded.

While most love theories involve feelings of deep affection, it is possible to define love as a stronger, more mature form of affection. While both of these types of love are defined as deep, personal attachments, and strong predilections, they should be viewed as a dynamic enactment. The definition of love will depend on the person and the type of relationship between the two people. Ultimately, it should be a healthy and loving relationship between two people.