The Definition of Love

The definition of love is a happy feeling experienced at the level of the mind, when we are one with the universe. It is a state of being without worry, cares, pleasure, or pain. To understand love, we must experience it for ourselves. The definition is not confined to romantic relationships; it can also be found in platonic relationships. There are many ways to experience love. If you would like to learn more about love and the process of falling in and out of it, read on.


There are many types of love. For instance, erotic love focuses on physical attraction, sexuality, and intense intimacy. The advocates of this kind of love are not likely to commit, and they usually feel comfortable ending a relationship after a few months or years. Storge love is considered a more mature version of the erotic variety, focusing on shared interests and open affection with a significant other. People who practice this type of love do not need to be overly needy or dependent.

Storge love is more enduring and enlightened. It is based on trust, open affection, and similar interests. It is not about putting physical appearances above other traits, but rather the similarities between the two people. The opposite of erotic love is storge love. The people who practice storge love are more emotionally mature and don’t need others. It is also more satisfying to experience. There are differences between the two types of love, but the most important one is a mutual understanding.

Erotic love is a softer form of love that focuses on physical attraction and sex. It’s often the kind of love that ends with emotional distance. Moreover, it doesn’t commit. Because of this, advocates are not willing to commit, and they are more likely to break up with their partners. A more mature form of love is storge. In storge love, the focus is on mutual interests and open affection. It is a more intimate form of love, and is characterized by the presence of a sense of trust.

Storge love is a more mature form of love. It is characterized by a strong desire to share a bond with someone. However, it can be difficult to find the right person in this type of relationship. The best way to find a partner is to make it work. Having the right relationship is the key to happiness. There are many benefits to both erotic and storge love. These types of relationships are compatible and can last a lifetime.

As humans, we are social creatures and have a strong fascination for love. As a result, we are prone to different kinds of love. For instance, erotic love is focused on physical attraction and sexual intimacy. It is easy to break up with erotic lovers and is not long-lasting. It is also more dangerous than storge love. While erotic and storge love are very different, they both involve a strong connection and are very common in today’s society.