The Concept of Making


The concept of making is an approach to education that challenges traditional thinking about knowledge and ability. It is a hands-on, playful process in which students apply new skills and ideas to create a functional invention. The process also encourages curiosity and questions, which creates rich learning experiences that are hard to quantify on a test.

Making is a powerful and versatile term. It can mean producing something, bringing something into existence, or bringing about a certain process. This word can also be used in idioms. For example, “making something” can refer to building it, bringing it into existence, sculpting materials, or triggering it to occur. In this sense, making is a key element of the definition of art.

The process of decision making can be divided into two broad approaches: intuitive and logical. Both approaches can be useful in different situations. The intuitive approach is a popular strategy for making decisions when there is great uncertainty and time pressure. Experts also use their intuition to play out possible courses of action based on prior experience. They may modify a solution several times before putting it into action. If a solution is not successful, they can discard it.