The Benefits of Making and Crafting

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of completing a project you have worked so hard on. And when that project is something you have made yourself, it’s even more satisfying. DIY projects and crafting are more than just hobbies; they can have a wide range of benefits, including improving mental health and boosting self-esteem.

Keep Calm and Craft On

More than just a trendy catchphrase, the act of making actually soothes the human mind. Studies show that completing creative activities such as knitting, painting or sewing activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms the fight or flight response and promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation. Even those little doodling sessions in meetings or on hold during phone calls count as making, since they help relieve stress and improve concentration.

Creativity also fosters a sense of community by encouraging social interaction and helping to build a support network. This support network is particularly helpful in traumatic or stressful times, such as after the loss of a loved one. Additionally, crafting can be a great way to manage depression and anxiety, with a study published in the British Medical Journal suggesting that arts-based community engagement can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Taking on creative projects and challenges is also an effective way to develop new skills. For example, learning how to knit can help improve fine motor skills by teaching children how to hold needles and work with their hands. In addition, a project that requires reading instructions can help kids practice their literacy by encouraging them to read carefully and understand how each step of the process will contribute to the final product.


The ability to create is a universal human trait, with many people finding meaning in their lives through creativity. Whether this is through a hobby such as cooking, knitting or writing, or by creating meaning through our relationships and careers, we all have the potential to create and make things that add value to life.

Having the ability to express ourselves through our creativity provides an outlet for the frustrations, worries and emotions that all of us experience. By allowing us to channel our energies into something positive, it allows us to feel a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives, which can be incredibly powerful during difficult periods.