The Art of Making


The act of making involves the process of forming, constituting, and/or constructing something. This type of creative process can be both fun and challenging. Unlike a traditional classroom, where students are limited in their creative choices, maker projects allow students to express their creativity and develop new skills while achieving real-world results. Making projects are often open-ended and involve playful activities, such as making a toy, an art installation, or a functional invention. These projects also encourage students to ask questions about the process, which results in more rich learning experiences that are difficult to measure on a test.

Choosing the most appropriate course of action requires considering the various alternatives available. There are several types of decision-making processes, ranging from automatic, programmed decisions to more complex, non-programmed decision-making processes. There are also structured decision-making processes, including rational decision making, bounded rationality, intuitive decision-making, and creative decision-making. These processes can be useful, depending on the nature of the problem being considered.