Mental Health and Mood Benefits of Making

Making is a creative activity that involves the use of your hands. It can be anything from painting to knitting to baking and designing, and it is a great way to improve your mental health as well as boost your mood.

The act of making can have an incredibly positive effect on your mental health, as research shows that people who are engaged in creating crafts are less likely to experience depression and anxiety. This is because crafting stimulates the release of dopamine, which plays a role in feelings of pleasure and reward.

Crafting is a great way to release stress and calm your mind, as it helps you to focus on something completely different from the world around you. In fact, a recent study showed that participants were more likely to feel less stressed after participating in activities like painting and clay modelling, than those who did not do any art-making.

In addition to the mental benefits of making, it can also be a great way to connect with other people and learn new skills. Joining an art programme or group can be a fun and exciting way to meet new people, while doing arts and crafts with family and friends can be a great bonding experience.

Getting Messy

Taking part in a craft project can be messy, so make sure you have plenty of cleaning up supplies available before starting. It can be especially helpful to have an extra person around when you’re working on a large project, so you can help with the cleanup and keep your attention focused on the craft instead of the mess.


When you’re looking for fun ways to engage your students in a creative project, try coming up with challenges they can work together to complete. For example, take your students outside to collect rocks and pebbles, and then arrange them into a beautiful pattern using their imagination!

These activities can encourage students to work collaboratively, and they also help build their problem-solving skills. For younger students, it can be fun to create challenges that involve constructing things from scratch, such as a greenhouse made from cardboard and duct tape or a tower of Oreos using 6 sheets of paper.

It’s also a good idea to have plenty of materials available so that students don’t get bored. You can find lots of ideas online, but sometimes a little imagination is all that’s needed to come up with an amazing project!

Colors can have a powerful effect on your mood, and using colors that appeal to you or reflect your emotions is a great way to boost your creativity. You can choose to use bright, vibrant colors or soft, subtle ones that will calm you down and make you more relaxed.

Creating is a great way to de-stress, and it’s a perfect activity to do with kids. In fact, a recent study found that a 45-minute session of free art making was enough to increase self-confidence in adults.