Making is a Great Way to Introduce New Skills and Inspire Curiosity


Making means to produce, construct, or bring something into existence. It can be a verb or a noun and is used in many idioms. Whether the object is made by hand, machine, or with a machine, the person who makes it is the maker. Making something can be a source of real joy or sorrow, as in the case of a gift.

Making things has long been a difficult process, but with the advent of computers and design software, the barriers have been slowly lowered. This has made it possible to create prototypes, collaborate, iterate, and improve quickly. The internet has also been an important part of this, making it easier for anyone to share what they create and learn from others.

The process of making is an effective way to introduce new skills and encourage curiosity about the world around us. Students can learn by creating functional inventions or experimenting with various materials. Unlike traditional classroom teaching methods, maker projects are open-ended, hands-on, and playful, and they are a great way to teach kids and adults how to use their newfound skills. The making process encourages students to ask questions and fosters deep learning experiences that are impossible to quantify with standardized tests.