Maker Bikes

The maker movement is an emerging modern subculture mirroring a technology-based mindset within DIY culture which celebrates the creation of innovative new products and creative endeavours as well as the fabrication of functional or semi-functional devices and artworks. The maker movement goes hand-in-hand with a culture which generally supports open-source software. This essentially means that anything software can be used or modified to create any product or object of choice. This can also mean that anything can be reused in the design of a product or objects, regardless of how these objects are produced or constructed. It is not uncommon to see a group of people gathered around a coffee table and use all manner of household objects to make a miniature sculpture of a particular city, complete with all of its streets and alleys. In essence, the maker movement is the expression of artistic innovation using everyday objects.


Within this maker subculture there are many different subgroups and organizations, such as makerspaces, hackerspaces, 3D printing and CNC machine groups. These groups come together because they have common interests such as creating knowledge centers, sharing technology and promoting the exploration of open source development. At its most basic level, a maker space is simply a place where one can create and explore the process of making things. However, the maker movement goes far beyond this simple concept.

One such important member of the maker movement is Anderson Electric, who has been working on their line of electric car engines for over 40 years. They have come a long way from building lawnmowers for homeowners. Today they have developed a line of electric motor driven vehicles much like the original and now offer an extensive line of high performance vehicles in both urban and country-style designs. In fact, Anderson manufactures the full range of electric motor driven vehicles, such as the electric bike and the electric scooter.

The hackerspace community is also a significant force in making history. There are people like Todd Ditchendorf and Andy Andrews, who play with the minds and hearts of thousands of everyday people. Through their website and other tools, they help everyday people design, build and function in an efficient manner. This is another important part of the maker movement. Many of these innovative individuals started as hackers in their teens and later went on to become leaders in their field.

Open source software plays a big part in the maker movement. It is not uncommon to see an entire website dedicated to a single, specific technology. In fact, the tech shop at the Open Source OS Foundation is growing incredibly. The reason for this is that the number of companies using free software is increasing. As more companies turn to free and open source software, the number of hackers and developers who are attracted to it will grow as well.

One thing that is most interesting about the maker movement is its emphasis on education. There is no better way to teach someone than to teach them in person. That is why the tech shop at the Open Source OS Foundation is so vital. Their programs allow people to see how other people have used and developed technologies in a hands-on manner.