Love – What it Is and Why We Feel It

Love is a group of behaviors and emotions characterized by intense intimacy, emotional passion, commitment, and caring. It involves emotional intimacy, love, concern, compassion, adoration, friendship, tenderness, affection, trust, respect, devotion, and sharing. The word “love” originates from the Greek word “lapyros”, which means “to glow”. The emotion of love is very essential for human survival. According to the dictionary, love is the “base emotion of desire and excitement, with which we anticipate gratification and happiness” which can be classified as a psychological disposition toward things desired or possessed for one’s own self or others.


The very basic and most basic of all the feelings of love is the desire for one another and the associated feelings of closeness. People feel love when they are loved or cared for in return. Love gives you the strength to face up to your fears and the courage to overcome them. Love makes you do extraordinary things for one another. Love brings people together.

Romantic love is often mistaken by some people as a simple kind of infatuation. On the contrary, this is not a simple kind of infatuation. Infatuation is an intense and temporary mental state. While true romantic love is completely different from infatuation, there are similarities in their effects on people. In infatuation, a person tends to think that he or she is being loved in a very special way.

Romantic love is also defined as feelings of deep and intense love, desire, and longing between two people. However, these feelings are sometimes accompanied by thoughts of lust, or even by an infatuation or frenzy of desire. These feelings of intense love and desire are considered healthy and normal, but the excessive attachment is often unhealthy and destructive.

There are many theories that explain why we experience these feelings of infatuation and romantic love, but the truth remains that they are the result of something that goes beyond the conscious mind into the subconscious mind. The conscious and unconscious minds work side-by-side in our brains, influencing each other’s behaviors. The conscious part of the brain tries to keep these feelings under control, to keep them from getting out of hand. This is done by using logical and emotional methods, by making the appropriate noises, showing the appropriate gestures, saying the appropriate words, etc. while the unconscious part of the brain responds by sending signals to the body, including the brain areas associated with emotions. As long as these are under control, everything else stays in perfect balance.

When this balance is broken, however, things get out of balance. The conscious mind starts to override the unconscious ones. This means that one person can have loving feelings for another person while unconsciously wanting to hurt him or her. This causes the relationship to become violent, with injuries, and sometimes death occurring. Basically, loving someone is the sum total of all the emotions one experiences that stem from love.