Love Vs Emotion

Love is the best medicine man could ever ask for! Love encompasses a spectrum of alluring and positive psychological and emotional states, from the strongest imaginable religious virtue, the deepest personal spiritual comfort, to the lightest bodily pleasure. We all love something and we all love someone. What makes love so exceptional and uniquely human is that it transcends the barriers of race, ethnicity, religion and economic status. Love is unconditional; it’s not about what you have not yet or can or will acquire. Love is not selfish, and although love can consume us, it also demands that we have enough to go around, to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and to love ourselves.


Emotional intimacy in romance is defined as a deep and lasting connection that connects one person to another, touching the core of both being. It requires a willingness to share personal and private information with another person, an openness to explore personal faults and failures, an ability to trust another person, and an ability to express love openly and honestly. All these qualities are essential if we are to succeed at forming intimate and loving relationships. The desire for intimacy is a powerful force that can sometimes override our more sophisticated, logical urges. However, romantic love is rarely, if ever, purely or exclusively motivated by lust, desire, or sex.

Most people experience love at some point, but most are less aware of its benefits. Love has the power to connect and bond two people in a way that only words can do. Romantic love means more than just sex or the chance to sleep with another person. It is the foundation upon which all romantic relationships are built, and it is a key ingredient in building healthy relationship. In fact, healthy relationship starts from healthy intimacy. So how does one achieve a healthy relationship?

Love at first sight? This may sound like an overstatement, but I am not talking about falling in love with the sight of another person. The term “at first sight” suggests that the relationship is based on lust or the excitement of being in the presence of someone. Although this may be the case from time to time, the intense feelings of affection towards another person cannot be explained by this term. This is different from the “romantic love”, which is typically described as a strong emotional connection or deep emotional bonding between two lovers.

At first sight, there are strong feelings of compassion, caring, trust, security, and appreciation in these bonds. However, these feelings often fade over time as the attraction to each other subsides and their interaction becomes routine. Emotional well-being is very important to our physical well-being. When we are not emotionally well-being, we experience tension, aches, pains and headaches that make it hard to function properly. If we are constantly being reminded of the negative effects of our behavior and actions, our mental and physical well-being suffers.

The good news is that you can improve your emotional well-being and start feeling more positive emotions toward the other person in your life. A healthy relationship involves harmony between the partners. It also involves the partners sharing their feelings and communicating effectively. It also involves the partners respecting each other and supporting each other in their journey through life. By creating this kind of atmosphere, we are helping each other gain the positive emotions it takes to build a successful and long lasting relationship.