How to Use Trends to Market Your eCommerce Business


Social media trends are a way to measure the popularity of certain topics. For example, if you are selling a new product, you can track the trend of the product through the popular hashtags on social media.

Trending topics are a great way to increase exposure for your online store. However, it is important to follow some guidelines when you use these topics to market your business. These guidelines will also help you avoid unintended consequences.

One of the easiest ways to find trending topics is to follow popular hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. These hashtags are often used by users to share their opinions on various topics. If you don’t understand a hashtag, you should use one that has a similar meaning to the topic. This will ensure you don’t confuse viewers or irritate them.

Some popular trending topics include national tragedies, religious unrest, and political disagreements. You can also track the popularity of products on eCommerce platforms. Those platforms will show you how popular a specific product is in your geographic area.

While the popularity of a topic may change over time, it is still a good idea to keep your content on a trending topic. You can do this by keeping your content relevant and engaging. By creating genuine conversations and responding to people’s tweets, you will make your brand more relevant to consumers.

As a result, your online store will get a higher ranking in search results. In addition, you can reach out to a large number of high-intent buyers by advertising on Google Ads. You can also partner with influencers in your industry to reach more audiences.

Another popular tip for leveraging trends is to work with micro-influencers. A good example is to work with an Instagram account that focuses on home improvement. Using this platform, you can target the home improvement community with your ads and post informative content.

Another great tool is Google Trends. This site shows the search volume of different keywords. It can be helpful when you are researching new products. To access it, go to the Help Centre on the menu in the upper left corner of the homepage.

Facebook has also implemented a trending feature. The trending topic will appear in the upper right of your news feed. Users can choose a specific category and customize it to their liking. Depending on the category, you can see a topic summary and links to pages that have public posts about that topic.

Another great resource is YouTube. Whether you are interested in home improvement or entertainment, there is a video that will fit your needs. When creating content, stick to industry-related content to minimize the likelihood of attracting unwanted attention.

Lastly, you can research what’s popular on Pinterest. There are communities of Pinterest users focused on the same subject. They are a great source of information when you are searching for a new product or looking to promote an existing one.