How to Use Trending Topics to Market Your Ecommerce Business


Trending topics can be a lucrative way for ecommerce businesses to get more exposure on social media and search engines. However, it’s important to be strategic about what you post and how you market your products during a trend.

Twitter’s algorithm determines trends by a combination of volume and how long it takes for content to gain volume. The platform favors sharp spikes in popularity rather than gradual growth. This means that some topics can go viral after just one day, while others may stay popular for 30 days or more.

Google Trends is a great resource for identifying trending search terms that may be relevant to your business. These trends can help you plan your marketing strategy and increase your ROI from AdWords and other advertising campaigns.

The best way to use Google Trends is to create an ad campaign that references trending topics and incorporates the keywords or phrases that people are searching for. This can help drive more traffic to your website and boost your brand’s credibility online.

Instagram and Tumblr are also great sources of trending topics. Both sites have Explore pages that display a wide range of tags and posts related to popular culture, celebrities and current events.

In addition to highlighting the most trending hashtags, these pages also feature user-generated content related to those topics. By incorporating these topics in your own posts and tagging them with the hashtag, you can be seen by more users and earn more followers.

YouTube’s Trending page ranks videos based on view count, popularity and other factors. It also recommends a handful of videos to users on the Trending section and on their home page.

As a creator, you can use the Trending page to see how your videos are performing, which can help you improve your work and make sure it’s being shared by fans. The trending section also shows which videos are gaining views and which are losing them.

There are also many other helpful resources available to you, from social media influencers and content creators to experts in your industry. For instance, Stephen Bruton has created a database of trending YouTubers that he’s been tracking since 2010. He found that YouTube’s algorithm is less likely to bump controversial creators from the Trending tab in the U.S. than it is in other parts of the world.

Another tool to keep an eye out for is Twitter’s trending list, which displays trending topics for a particular city or country. This is especially useful for ecommerce companies with large international audiences because it allows them to capitalize on trending content in their target markets.

Trending topics on Twitter are updated constantly, so it’s important to check them regularly to be aware of the latest developments. Keeping an eye on what’s trending will ensure that you’re always able to respond quickly and effectively when needed.

It’s important to note that some trending topics are unrelated to your business and can have a negative impact on your reputation in the eyes of Twitter. For example, posting inappropriate content can lead to account suspension, while tagging irrelevant topics in a tweet can be confusing for viewers.