How to Use Trending Topics to Grow Your Business on Social Media


Trending is a term that describes a phenomenon in which something becomes popular for a short period of time. It can refer to anything, from fashion trends to political movements.

Trends are usually triggered by events and social concerns that grab people’s attention. They can also be related to breaking news and viral content. They may last for one day or longer, but they often fall out of favor as soon as the conversation shifts to something else.

Ecommerce Businesses can Use Social Media Trends to Grow Their Business

For ecommerce businesses, trending topics can be a great way to get their products in front of customers and stay current with their interests. They can help businesses promote their products and services during specific times of the year or around popular cultural occurrences like current events, celebrity announcements, TV premiers, social concerns and more.

Twitter Trends & Hashtags

Trending topics on Twitter are determined by an algorithm, which looks at factors like volume and time. This algorithm is designed to identify spikes in popularity of a certain topic, and the longer a hashtag is trending, the more likely it is to continue to trend for some time.

It’s important to note that trending topics can be manipulated by groups of users who want to spread particular opinions or agendas, and sometimes these manipulations have led to a lot of controversy. This is a problem that Twitter is looking to fix.

Google Trends: Interpreting the Data

Search trends can be interesting in their own right, but when you look at them in context, they provide a wealth of information. You can see global search trends and compare them to other terms, or you can focus on a specific region to see how searches are breaking down.

YouTube Trending and Video Marketing

The YouTube algorithm relies heavily on the audience and video-level signals to rank videos, so releasing new, trending-worthy content can increase your ranking. If your videos are performing well, be sure to release new ones frequently to keep your ranking high.

AdWeek suggests referencing trending topics in your ads to inspire ad creative that will capture consumer imaginations and get them to engage with your brand. This can help you get more views and engagements for your ads, and can boost your overall performance and reach on YouTube.

Instagram: Using Trends to Expand Your Marketability

Instagram’s Search & Explore page displays trending tags for users to browse through; the page also shows a few posters that are similar to those that they have liked or followed. Trending tags are highlighted by a lightning bolt and can be clicked to view more posts with that tag.

Tumblr: Getting in on the action with a trending tag

Tumblr’s Explore page also highlights trending tags, which can be a helpful way to find and follow relevant content. The platform also displays trending images and a “Top Stories” section, which shows the most shared posts from users in a given category.