How to Stay on Top of Trending Topics in Marketing


Facebook’s trending topics are personalized for each user, based on their social behavior and location. They are displayed in real time and appear in the upper right corner of your news feed. You can also change the location of trending topics to view trends in different countries and regions. Facebook defaults to the “Top Trends” category, but you can also choose categories related to your interests.

The best way to stay on top of trending topics is to keep an eye on current events. By following current events, you can participate in meaningful online conversations, create relevant marketing content, and stay informed of what your target audience is talking about. There are many platforms that provide this information. Twitter, for instance, monitors spikes in hashtag use and labels them as trending topics. Another useful tool is YouTube, which categorizes trending content by geographical location.

You can take advantage of trending topics by posting relevant and original content. For example, a tweet about 9/11 can demonstrate empathy and concern for people. However, too much branding can change the tone from compassionate to disrespectful. Many American brands missed the mark when honoring the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and their insensitive posts have made their way to trending discussions. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, build your reputation, or increase sales, you can participate in trending topics and gain a competitive advantage.

If you’re looking for products that will sell well, seasonal items may be a good option. Some products are popular during a certain season, but don’t be afraid to diversify and offer an alternative for seasonal items. You might even find the product to be highly profitable and popular. However, keep in mind that some products will perform better than others, so be sure to do some research and watch videos that are viral before making any decisions.

Trending on YouTube and Amazon can give you an idea of what is popular in your market. A YouTube search will show you videos related to the products that people are searching for. You can then choose a few videos to watch to get a feel for what your target market is looking for. This way, you can easily identify products that are more likely to be popular than others.

Another great place to find new products that are trending on a regular basis is Reddit, one of the largest forums online. This site is full of creative people, and it has communities dedicated to every topic. The eCommerce subreddit is no exception. You can find new products to sell and find store owners who are successfully marketing their businesses. Reddit is also a great source for podcasts.

Another trend that’s been catching on recently is the baby monitor. The baby monitor is a useful tool that helps parents monitor their children from another room. Some even have additional features, such as a mobile app, a temperature monitor, or night vision. This product is an ideal choice for busy parents, who don’t want to carry their children around the house.