How to Get Your Brand on a Trend


A trend is a term that describes an idea, concept or issue that has gained traction in the public mind and has a high level of attention. Topics can range from new kinds of music and dance to natural disasters and news events.

In social media, trending topics are a way for users to see what’s being discussed and shared online at any given moment in time. Twitter, Facebook and other sites use algorithms to tailor the topics they show based on user locations, previous searches or likes, and who you follow.

YouTube trends are a key indicator of what content is popular on the video-sharing site. Executives at YouTube say the site is very careful about what ends up in its Trending section, ensuring that it doesn’t include anything that would be offensive or inappropriate to younger viewers.

For example, the company recently promised that 50 percent of its Trending videos would be crafted by creators going forward. However, a recent letter from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki indicated that the company isn’t perfect and that its Trending section still contains some questionable content.

1. Be creative and original when pursuing trends on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

One of the best ways to get your brand on a trend is to take your own creative spin on it. This is especially true when attempting to reach new audiences in a short amount of time. To keep your creativity flowing, it’s important to choose a trend that you’re passionate about and make sure that the content you create is able to capture the attention of the audience you’re trying to reach.

2. Be thoughtful and sensitive to the topic at hand when posting on Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform

Posting about a tragedy can be an effective way to show your concern for the community at hand. However, if you overdo it with branding, it can turn the situation from one of compassion and support to one of distaste. AdWeek notes that several American brands have become a trending topic after September 11, 2001, because they posted insensitive, poorly written messages on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

3. Keep your timing right when pursuing trends on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube

The best way to determine whether a trend is worth following is to check how it’s performing in real-time. If it’s waning, it may be better to pass on it. If it’s still gaining steam, though, consider participating in it to see how your followers react.

4. Leverage influencer marketing when pursuing trends on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms

Participating in trending discussions can help your brand stand out and increase visibility among your target audience. It can also serve as a great source of inspiration for your ad campaigns, but it’s important to strike the right balance.

5. Use the feedback from your followers to shape your strategy

Getting on a trend can be a fun way to interact with your audience and engage in a meaningful way. It can also help your brand gain visibility and build connections with potential customers, but it’s important to do your research before deciding on a trend.