How To Get More Facebook Traffic

A trending topic is a topic that receives a noticeable surge in traffic on one or more social networking sites for a specified period of time. Ecommerce companies can use social media traffic analysis to identify what is holding consumer attention and capitalize on this hot topic. There are numerous tools available to help social network analysis through trending topics. Twitter, for example, offers several different tools for examining trending topics.


Trending topics on social media sites are a good indicator of overall online interest. Consumers can share information about products or services with millions of users in a matter of minutes. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook allow consumers to get real-time updates from businesses through their feeds. Popular video content on these sites tends to rise above the rest, providing a unique opportunity to marketers who understand how to analyze these trends. Video content that is shared on a consistent basis is an indicator of brands that are receiving significant attention from consumers.

Understanding trending topics on Twitter is an excellent way for Ecommerce businesses to engage customers on this platform. Trending topics on Facebook allow businesses to see what types of posts and stories are creating buzz. Social media websites such as Facebook allow businesses to connect with their target audience on this site in a number of different ways. The ability to reach a specific audience through Facebook’s unique demographics features makes it a great way for businesses to advertise on a platform that has a high level of global recognition.

Many brands utilize trending topics as a means of connecting with their target demographic. Twitter, for example, offers many users the ability to “tweet” or update their status on a whim. When a business connects with a user through this method, the brand can identify how frequently the user updates his or her profile. Knowing what trending topics are important to Facebook users can be an indicator that the company should implement measures that will increase engagement and connect with a specific demographic.

Companies that use trending topics on Facebook can also track the conversations that take place around a particular trending topic. For example, if a business posts a picture of a promotional product and chooses to mention a trending topic, it can be identified through other users who have commented on or liked the picture. This allows companies to target certain demographics with ads based on their engagement with Facebook. Additionally, trending topics can be leveraged to generate traffic to a website or online store. A business can increase its presence on a social media website by utilizing trending topics to generate interest in new products or services.

In order for social media websites such as Facebook to monitor trending topics, companies must identify relevant hashtags. These keywords must be used in the titles and descriptions of posts on Facebook and articles on blogs related to the trending topic. Additionally, trending topics must appear frequently throughout a user’s profile. This creates a system by which brands can monitor and identify key influencers who can be leveraged to promote their businesses.