How to Find Trending Topics on YouTube


Having a knowledge of trending topics can be beneficial for any small business owner. Not only can you get a lot of traffic to your website, but you can also use trending topics to create content that will attract viewers and boost your social media presence. There are a variety of resources available to help you find trending topics on YouTube. Using these resources can help you get the most out of your YouTube channel.

The Google Trends site is a great resource for tracking the latest and greatest trending topics. On the site, you can see trends that are popular for a specific country, region or date range. You can also look at trends based on specific keywords. The Google Trends website also includes a search box and tutorials on how to read the data.

Buzzsumo is one of the best in class tools for identifying viral content. They also offer collaboration options. They can show you the top trending video content, as well as main players in the space. They offer a free subscription, as well as paid subscriptions. This resource is useful for both journalists and marketers alike.

Twitter is another great resource for tracking trending topics. They have a mobile app that allows users to search for topics by hashtag. They also have a sitewide trending topic list that they update daily. These trends are based on the interests of the Twitter community, as well as the locations where the users reside. They also filter out spammy tweets.

Facebook provides a similar feature. They have a Trending section that appears at the top of your news feed. These topics appear in real time, and are customizable by user. This feature is a great way to stay on top of breaking news. They also offer categories for other topics, including ephemeral content.

Twitter and Facebook also provide trending search options. This is a great way to find the best hashtags for your own content. Trending searches are useful for journalists, as they show what topics people are searching for. They also allow you to sign up for notifications when a hot topic is trending.

YouTube Trending is also a great resource for marketers. It’s important to remember that some trends are predictable and others are not. YouTube trends are also a great way to learn more about how videos become popular on the site. They can also be used to generate content ideas, plan content, and find new resources to utilize on your YouTube channel.

Buzzsumo is one of the most popular tools for identifying viral content. They offer a paid subscription, as well as collaboration options. They also offer a free video tool that allows you to scan videos to find keywords related to videos. These keywords can then be added to your video’s title and tags. The site can also show you the top video content, as well as the best video content to watch.