How to Find Trending Topics for Your Ecommerce Store


Using trending topics is a great way to increase your online store’s exposure to new people. However, you need to make sure your posts relate to the topic at hand. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your reputation and credibility.

Fortunately, there are several sites that provide easy access to trending topics. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google Trends, and Trendwatchers. These sites use algorithms to determine what trending topics are hot right now. They display the trending topics in various areas of their websites. You can search for a specific topic, or browse through trending topics based on a category.

Trending topics can last for days or months, depending on the topic. For instance, reusable bottles have been a trend for several years. They are driven by eco-conscious consumers. This trend has resulted in an increase in sales for companies that sell these items. You can also make money by posting about these topics.

The best trending topics for your ecommerce store are those that revolve around home improvement. Whether you sell home decor, cleaning supplies, or even home improvement tools, you can create a brand around these topics and capitalize on the trend. To do this, you can optimize your product pages for Google. Also, you can partner with micro-influencers on social media to promote your product to a targeted audience. You can advertise your products with Google Shopping ads or Facebook ads.

You can also use Google Trends to find trends in your niche. You can search for trending topics by geo-location, date range, or category. You can also read the latest trending stories using Google’s data visualizations. You can also search for trending topics on mobile devices.

Trending topics are also found on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Several of these sites keep track of keyword phrases used in articles and posts. You can also use Facebook’s search function to find trending topics. The trending topics on Facebook are divided into five categories.

The top trending topics are usually related to popular cultural events and popular cultural occurrences. Some topics that have been deemed trending include air fryers, baby shirts, and reusable bottles.

Buzzsumo is an excellent tool for identifying viral content. You can search for content in a variety of categories, including video content. You can also use Buzzsumo to find opposing viewpoints on a topic. You can also subscribe to categories of products, such as AI, marketing, or design. You can also collaborate with others to create the best content for your company.

Twitter has a feature called Trends that tracks keywords and hashtags that are popular on the platform. The algorithm takes into account the volume of tweets and hashtags that a topic receives, and determines which topics are currently trending. Similarly, Instagram has a Search & Explore page, where you can browse through popular images and tags that relate to your location.

Most platforms will tailor your topics to your specific interests. You can also check out Google Trends for ideas on what to sell. Alternatively, you can partner with a micro-influencer to promote your products to high-intent buyers.