How to Capitalize on Trends for Your Business


A trend is a topic, hashtag, photo, video, or App that is popular on a social media platform like Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. When something becomes a trend, it receives more impressions, interactions, and mentions than usual. Social media platforms use algorithms to determine what’s trending by analyzing a percentage of keywords or topics searched on the platform. Trending topics are displayed on the home page or within the Explore section for users. Trends are often determined by influencers with large followings who share posts that resonate with their audience.

If your business wants to capitalize on a trend, it’s important to understand how trends work on each social platform. Twitter’s trending topics are tailored to the user based on location and their past searches, while Facebook’s trends are separated into categories such as World, News, Sports, and Entertainment. Trends on Instagram are based on public and in-network content, as well as search terms entered by users.

While a trend is often seen as a positive thing, there are some risks involved with capitalizing on a trending topic. Abusing trends can be perceived as spam or harassment and may lead to a user account being suspended by the platform. In addition, businesses should always be mindful of the context of a trend and make sure that it relates to their product or service.

As a marketing tool, trending can be used to gauge consumer interest in certain products or services. It can also help businesses develop their marketing strategy by identifying what people are searching for and talking about. Using a tool such as Google Trends is helpful because it provides insight into what people are looking for online, as opposed to just what your business’ website is receiving traffic from.

Trending is sometimes confused with virality, but there are some key differences. Virality refers to a piece of content that is shared across multiple platforms for a specific reason (content quality, humor quotient, etc). A trend, on the other hand, is a topic or hashtag that becomes popular over a short period of time on social media based on its visibility and buzz factor.

Businesses can utilize trending to gain more visibility on social media by targeting specific demographics. However, it’s important to remember that a trend is only as good as its reach and engagement. If a business begins to use a trending topic without getting its audience’s attention, it will likely lose momentum and eventually disappear from the trending list. Trends can also be a great way to generate publicity for new events or initiatives that your business is involved in. If the trending topic is relevant to your industry, it’s worth pursuing. Otherwise, it’s better to wait and see what other opportunities present themselves.