How Business Can Use Trending Topics To Attract followers

If you’re on Twitter then you have surely seen the term “trending”. It shows up in your feeds and on your profile pages whenever something new happens in your chosen niche. The term “trending” has nothing to do with what happens on Twitter, per say. Trending on Twitter is actually a description of how certain Twitter users behave on the social networking site.


As a social media site, Twitter is always in constant flux. New trends come and go, old ones gain momentum and then die off. On Twitter, a term, or even topic that gets talked about a lot more than others is often said to be “trending” or a “hot topic”. Trending subjects get popular either due to an event which prompts folks to discuss a certain subject or due to users collectively discussing and engaging with content on the subject.

There are many different ways to classify trending topics, including manually-commissioned trending lists like HootSuite and TweetStats. The official Twitter trending topics list also includes hashtags. Hashtags are short, preformatted phrases that allow Twitter users browsing for trending content to search for a certain hashtag. The most popular, well-used, and most frequently-used hashtags appear in the top right corner of the trending topic area on the Twitter home page.

Since people are searching for the hottest trending topics, Twitter users searching for interesting content will find the best trending topics from these lists. The reason why these hashtags are so important is because it allows Twitter to target certain keywords which makes it easier for someone to find what they are looking for. For example, a recent post about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Boston contained the word ” trending topics “and thus was able to direct interested Twitter users to that post. Hashtags allow users to categorize their search, making it much easier for Twitter to find the types of information they are searching for.

It’s clear that trending topics are important for Twitter users as well as business-owners because it helps them connect with others and understand current events through popular topics. This provides insight into the trends that individuals are most interested in. And since many businesses use social media to communicate with consumers, understanding how consumers are trending helps them create relevant content which attracts them.

For example, if a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio is trending because of a new sandwich they just released, they can use trending topics to ask their followers what they are interested in eating. If users have recently been seeing a lot of snow in their area, they could use the keyword ” trending topics “to see if there is a local event going on they are interested in attending. In order to take advantage of trending topics, a business must be active enough to notice the trends themselves. And by being actively involved in conversations within their niche, businesses can take part in conversations with their followers and attract even more followers.