Different Types of Love

Love is the feeling of being deeply infatuated with someone. Whether the relationship is long-term or short-lived, it’s important to know how to express it. Fortunately, love is not hard to understand and it is an emotional reaction that is completely natural and healthy. There are many different types of love, which can be expressed in a number of ways. For example, a mother feels loved when she gazes upon her baby. A husband feels loved when his wife winks at him. Friendships are made of beautiful moments, such as friendships and family.


The Greeks referred to the love of gods as “Agape,” meaning “love of the gods.” This type of love is unconditional and does not change due to any action on the part of the object or person. The love that parents have for their children is an example of Agape love. They love their children without conditions, but still must have some limits. When describing their child’s love, they tend to use the term phileo to describe the feeling.

St. Thomas Aquinas defined love as a strong desire to do the good of another person. In other words, love is a feeling, not an emotion. A person who loves another person is “infatuated” with them. If he or she wants to make the other person happy, they must love that person unconditionally. However, if they want to be loved, the first step is to express the feeling.

While love is a deep and personal attachment, there are different types of it. Erotic love is a relationship based on physical attraction, sex, and intense intimacy. There is an emotional distance and game-playing. Advocates of erotic love are unlikely to commit to a relationship, and feel comfortable ending a relationship. The other type of love, called storge love, is more mature, centered on mutual interests and an open, affectionate relationship. In addition to this, storge lovers are not dependent on others, and are not very needy.

The Greeks defined love as an intense emotion of deep affection. It is defined by a person’s preferences. Whether it is a romantic relationship or a platonic one, love is an action. If a person has sexual attraction, they will be able to show it. If the other person has no attraction to him or her, they can’t feel it. This is why erotic love is not possible. It is based on the physical aspect of the relationship, and is not a commitment.

A person’s love can be unconditional or erotic. An erotic lover is unable to make a commitment and often feels comfortable ending a relationship. In contrast, an erotic lover is not likely to commit to a relationship with someone. Rather, he or she is more likely to end it in spite of the physical attraction. So, if the two people love each other, it is best to choose an erotic partner.