Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Tiklik recognizes you as the user of our website and Services and values your privacy. Our privacy policy below enlists majorly how and why Tiklik collects and uses any personal information when using our Services. This privacy policy page is true as you’re reading it but Tiklik has full rights to apply some changes anytime in the future.

What Data and Information Tiklik Collect

When you user the Tiklik website and Services, we may collect both personal and non-personal information. We collect personal data on an individual basis and non-personal data mainly at an aggregate or collective basis.

Personal Data

Personal data we collect includes your name, email addresses, phone number, address, and other data to confirm and to identify you. We collect all or some of these data when you register an account and use our customer service feature. Tiklik collects personal data to provide services and content. We may also retain provided data for further communications with you.

Non-Personal Data

We use cookies and web server log to collect non-personal data particularly to analyze how our website, platform, and Services are used by users. The data collected include the time of visit, time spent, pages visited, and before-after web visited. These data are collected collectively or at an aggregate basis not referring to you as an individual during the process.

How Tiklik Use Data and Information Collected

Tiklik uses your personal information to provide services, contents, and information you’ve requested. We also use these data to improve your user experience and to inform you about Tiklik services, programs, and offers. You can email us if you want to change preferences about receiving information from Tiklik.

Tiklik uses non-personal data and information collected on the web platform at an aggregate basis to analyze the use of our site and to improve your user experience when using our Services. Some improvements include web designs, contents, and even Tiklik products & services.

Tiklik uses multiple technologies to collect and to store data & information as you use our link shortener, link management services, or simply when browsing our site. We send cookies and identifiers to your desktop browser and to our partners including social media linkage and advertisement services.

Tiklik may employ third parties both institutions and individuals on our behalf for a particular operation. They could be contractors or our employees that get access to the collected personal information. All of them and what they do are subject to this privacy policy compliance.

Tiklik may and would provide access to personal and non-personal data as legally demanded by legal circumstances. These include protecting misuse of our Services and website, cooperating with legal investigations and proceeding, and protecting the safety & rights of web users, protecting our rights & limiting our legal liability, and for other legal purposes.

Tiklik doesn’t and won’t share your personal data and information for any other purposes except mentioned and described previously. When Tiklik needs to, we would ask for your permission and opportunity to confirm(and not confirm)of such use. Excluded purposes are the subject to your permission and confirmation.

Privacy Protection for Children Users

Please check our Terms of Service about user eligibility. Tiklik only collects personal data from eligible users. Users 13-18 years of age should be under parental supervision when using our services. We don’t provide services for anyone under 13 years of age. Our services, website, products, and programs are all designed for users 13 years of age and above. Our registration system and policy don’t allow children under 13 to sign up for an account or to use our free trial. As we’ve collected data and found any users under 13 years of age, we would delete all information as they’re not subject to our data collections. Tiklik is committed to protecting children’s privacy data.

Data Security

Tiklik takes responsible and measured steps to ensure the security of personal data and information we collect through our website and Services. We install an advanced security system to our database to prevent unauthorized access. We also strictly limit access of other parties to our database servers. We improve our security measures and infrastructures to keep up with recent technologies and challenges.
Despite our commitment to data security, we should admit that Internet data transmission is not threat-free. Nobody can’t fully guarantee the transmission is completely secure. Tiklik can put a warrant of information and data you transmit to us through the website or as you use our Services. By agreeing with our Terms of Condition, you agree with this privacy policy and that the data you transmit is subject to your own risks.

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